The Call List App for Shopify

Build a brandable, shoppable, interactive virtual event.

Add the App to Your Shopify Site


Participants can shop during events and checkout seamlessly via your shopify storefront.


Fully brandable + ready in minutes. Event landing page, registraion, and event frame.


Multiple features allow you to customize community interaction. Try out live shopping, surveys and trivia, handraise, chatwall, and more.

A Dashboard To Control Your Events

Our App Helps You


Brandable, shoppable, interactive video on your terms. With The Call List you can customize a virtual experience on your brand’s site that your community can join and shop from anywhere. Our Shopify app creates a branded event page within your store for a seamless integration and easy event setup.
  • Invite your team members to manage and host events with you. It’s best to invite team members who will be working on events with you - creative, PR, marketing, event managers/coordinators, etc. By inviting them into the portal they’ll be able to edit events before they go live, host or monitor events, and access key post-event reporting.
  • Event Page - With The Call List you can customize your digital event page and bring your brand to life, all by adding in a few key elements: Logo, Font, Colors, Marketing Images, Videos or Gifs, Background Images, Custom Icons as Buttons
  • Shopping - Add products to be shopped during your event when you create your event via "+ New Event" button on the "Events" tab. You'll have an opportunity to add items by editing the event before you open it to the audience!
  • Live Chat Wall or Direct Messaging - Let guests chat with each other or exclusively with the host thanks to this easy-to-enable feature
  • Voting + Trivia - Keep the conversation going by allowing guests to vote live on anything and everything or join in the fun of testing their knowledge
  • Hand Raise - Keep the conversation going, but keep interruptions limited with this feature. Participants click a button to notify the host if they have a question or comment. Once unmuted by the hosts, the entire audience can hear their questions and comments
  • Party Rooms - Allow guests to experience events with their friends and chat with each other during your event
  • Redirect Participants When Event Ends - guests will be taken directly to their cart at the end of your event. If shopping is not enabled, or they haven't added items to cart, you can choose where to guide them next in their consumer journey (product page, social, etc)
  • Professional Remote Production Support - we can connect you with a production partner who makes it simple to elevate your content
  • White Glove support - have a vision that goes beyond our template and need a little help executing?
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