Hosting a Call


Get Up & Running in Minutes

You’ll be amazed at just how simple it is to set up your first event in The Call List’s host dashboard. Once you’ve done one, you’ll be able to set them up in seconds.

But starting anything new is always the biggest hurdle to overcome. So, here’s a couple of pointers to help you take that important first step.

There’s only a little bit of pre-planning to do on your end to make it a breeze.

Be ready to do the following things:

  • Set a specific date and time to host your live stream (you’ll also be able to set this as a recurring daily or weekly event)
  • Come up with a title for your live streaming event
  • Include a description of your live streaming event
  • Upload a picture of the event to display in the upcoming events feed on the The Call List app
    Set a target duration for the call
  • Finally, decide whether you’d like to offer a free event or whether you’d like to earn money from it
  • Now you’re good to go! Share your event on social media or copy the link to send to friends.

Learn more about attracting guests to your live streaming event.

Create a host account here to get started!