The Call List enables influencers to create exclusive, live experiences for their fans.

Create Exclusive Fan Experiences

  • Offer one-to-one or group (up to a thousand participants) video calls
  • Charge an entry fee or offer fan codes
  • Retain contact details of attendees

Reach Fans Easily

  • Create your own channel
  • Call your fans directly
  • Automatic calendar syncing

Make Money

  • Accept ticket payments via in-app purchases
  • Name your own price
  • Offer custom discounts

Simple Setup

  • No browser plugins required
  • Swap camera input
  • Call smartphones directly

Crowd Control Tools

  • Raise Hand to Speak
  • 1 to 1,000 Participants
  • Privacy Positive

Engagement Metrics

  • Download audience data
  • Track most effective channels
  • Event attendance trends

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