Unique Audience Management Tools for Hosts


Digital hand-raising

Your audience can notify you when they have a question by “raising their hand.” You choose which participants can speak to the group, and they join the conversation with you. Great for Q&As.

One to many and many to one

As a host, you’re in control, but your audience is visible in a dashboard right in front of you. Go live, online with your audience and feed off of your audience’s energy.


Smartphone-based audience participation

Our iOS app helps you reach your audience wherever they are. To join a call, participants subscribe through the app. For hosts, starting a call is as easy as pushing a button.

No number sharing, privacy positive video calls

One-to-one or one-to-many video calling is enabled through The Call List app without sharing any personal contact information.


Single tap calendar sync

Most virtual event platforms require attendees to login in to join an event or download a browser extension to view the content.

The Call List requires a one-time download of the app and then, with a single tap on your profile, your guests and attendees are subscribed to your event which is instantly synced to their calendar.

The countdown to your event will start and they’ll receive your video call as soon as you dial in.

Hosts get paid

It’s never been easier to create fantastic virtual experiences and sell them to new customers and existing patrons & fans.


Create free or VIP events

Event codes enable hosts to offer access to specific fans or customers, or create an open event for the entire Call List community.

No-brainer payment integrations

The Call List makes it very simple to charge a fee to attend your event, and seamlessly integrates Apple Pay & in-app purchases.