Connect with your audience and share products to be shopped in realtime

Hosts can share products via our Shopup feature or via shopify integration for your audience to add to their carts. Checkout is handled via your brand's existing e-commerce platform. TCL never takes a cut of sales and we don't charge a conversion fee.

  • Add to cart

    Save to Cart

    Throughout the event, share featured products to allow guests to save them to cart

  • Shopping bag


    Guests enjoy a frictionless purchase experience and checkout via your brand's e-commerce flow

Engage. Motivate. Educate. Inform. Entertain.
Everything is under your control.

Modular Platform Features

Platform features are modular and can be configured for single or multiple hosts, different event use cases, and incorporate live, prerecorded, or presentation content created by professional production teams. Create events open to the entire brand community, or leverage event codes to offer VIP access to specific fans or customers.


Join Events With A Single Tap

With a single tap on the JOIN button, your guests have a virtual front row seat. Want to invite guests in advance? They can easily sync events with their calendars with the click of the Add To Calendar button.

Your Audience Right In Front of You

As a host, you're in control, and your audience is visible in a dashboard right in front of you. Go live, online with your brand community and feed off of your audience's energy.

You can republish your archived videos across social and digital platforms, getting double the value out of your production budget.

Raise Hand Feature

Your audience can notify you when they have a question by tapping “RAISE HAND.” You choose which participants can speak to the group, and they join the conversation with you. Great for Q&As.

Data Encryption

All data is encrypted at rest and only accessible through permissioned profiles. The Call List is US DPA and EMEA GDPR compliant. If the preference is to comply with HIPAA, we anonymize individual data and adjust user terms. The only PII stored is an email address - this can be bypassed by integrating with your authentication process and member portal.

Data Encryption


Privacy positive video calls. All user contact information is encrypted and never used for solicitation.


White Glove Service: Customizations & Production Support

We get it: your Brand has invested heavily in your aesthetic and customer experience. The Call List offers our elevated brand partners support every step of the way from ideation, to custom look & feel, to seasoned production support.


Still not convinced?

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