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The Call List Connects the Dots

You’re a seasoned veteran with more than a decade of experience and you’re a safe pair of hands for any organization.

You’ve seen every problem a company might face and you’ve seen enough problems to know that most of them are simply a matter of perception. All it takes to change that perception is asking the right person the right set of questions at the right time.

Juggling the meeting schedules of multiple corporate executives is hard. Every company has a different working style and simply getting the whole team in one room is difficult. Your training work is always seen as important, but not always perceived as urgent. So, even when you’ve agreed on a time, “something’s come up.”

In addition, most companies have very different software requirements and technical capabilities which can mean that calendar tools don’t sync, or virtual meetings require a re-install of the software in a crucial moment just before the meeting. All of which is a recipe for a migraine.

Get On The Call List

We’ve designed a platform for you to reach busy people on the devices that they’re most comfortable with, no matter where they are, at any time of day — their smartphones.

You manage the entire experience from your desktop and all your mentees need do is download The Call List app once and then you can set check-in call dates and sync calendars directly on their phone, ad infinitum. Simple.

Then you call them directly. No more plugins. No more compatibility issues. No more commuting. No more excuses.


Enabling the “anywhere” factor for everyone.

The Call List is part of your learning management software stack. This means you can create live and exclusive 1-to-1 video coaching calls with privacy guaranteed for all parties.

The Call List provides call scheduling and calendar sync without the requirement to share contact details. You can say goodbye to all that busy work of managing contact details and calendars.

Also, say hello to lower commuting costs and offering increased training support options to your best clients. Built in monetization and multi call management features mean that you can add trainee headcount at a fraction of the cost and time. Block off one hour to conduct three 20 minute calls with 4 people at a time, to train an entire sales team.

Video calling is the perfect format to host “refresher” sessions on the key aspects of your training course, so that your customers can continue to generate breakthroughs even when you’re not there.