Independent Coaches, Trainers, & Instructors


Get the Word Out

You’re an expert in your field with perspective-shifting insight and a sophisticated method to share with the world.

You’re a magnetic personality who is passionate about helping people, and everyone around you responds powerfully. They’re all telling you that you’ve got what it takes. Teaching others is how you get your buzz.

Perhaps you have a strong following online, and you’ve been giving away some of your lessons for free. You recognize that being a social media superstar requires lot of work, often with little pay.

One day the shoes of a social influencer may fit, but for now you’re all about the gift of learning.

And, right now, that means you need a tool to earn money from a small, highly engaged clientele, rather than millions of adoring fans.

Get on The Call List

We’ve designed a platform for you to create live and exclusive 1-to-1 or one-to-many, distraction free virtual classroom or video coaching call experiences where your client’s attention to learn is singularly on you.

It’s the perfect format to host the theory sessions that your customers need to generate their own breakthroughs into peak performance and excellence.


Enabling the “personal” factor for everyone.

Virtual training sessions over video call are a perfect way to monetize the non-peak hours of your business while maintaining total control over your personal training brand.

There’ll always be some clients who want to push that little bit harder and wrap their head around the problem a little bit smarter and live virtual coaching calls provide you the chance to offer additional knowledge based products and services to a busy yet demanding clientele.

The Call List is here to help you generate a supplemental income based around your core expertise quickly and easily – all in the time it takes to have a phone call.