What Is The Call List?

The Call List knows passion drives participation. We help educators, artists, experts, and brands deepen relationships with their fans and followers across the globe and monetize interactive video. Imagine getting a video call from your favorite author or athlete, and they get paid. Or an interactive tutorial with a celebrity makeup artist. With The Call List, influencers and their fans have never been more connected.

How Does The Call List Work?

We take connecting hosts with their live global audience to a whole new level. Simply create an account and log into the host dashboard — from here you can schedule events, update your host profile with social and ecomm links, send out invitations, and monitor your cash flow. When it’s time for your event to start, tap the “Begin Call” button and start chatting — your audience experiences a one-to-one video call and you see your entire digital audience streamed back to your screen.

Participants can use The Call List app to choose between different events and select the ones that interest them most. When it’s time for your event to begin, you’ll receive a video call directly from the host — simply accept the call and take your virtual front row seat!


Hosts purchase minutes for their events by choosing from discounted monthly subscription bundles or just the minutes they need. They can then decide to host private events for existing patrons with VIP codes, priced events for participants to purchase in-app, or free public events. Hosts can also determine the max number of participants on each call list — The Call List™ supports up to 1000, depending on the size of the host’s screen and the type of event.

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