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Tianna Bell

Co-founder of Belle Bar Organic

The onboarding takes 5 mins. It’s really fast! Now I can set events up really really quickly, which is a win! As a founder I am so busy, and software that takes a lot of time to learn just doesn’t work for me. The fact that the onboarding is so fast means I can use TCL longterm and often. 

Getting Started

Contact TCL Team to activate your Brand Account + create a Host Account to start hosting video calls!

Enable Shopify

Brands planning to feature products for their audience to add to cart must follow these steps.

Create a Landing Page for Interactive Events

Provide a background image - we find between 1440x900 to 1920x1080 works best. Font will mirror site's theme.

Integrate TCL Plugin Button

Provide icon image - 128x128-256x256 works best.

Want to see what The Call List™ looks like on your brand's site?

Now that you've got The Call List:

Hosting Events — Login to the Host Dashboard. From here you can schedule events, send out invitations. When it’s time for your event to start, tap the “Begin Call” button and start chatting — your audience experiences a one-to-one video call and you see your entire digital audience streamed back to your screen.

Participants can choose between different events on your brand site, joining events in progress, or selecting future events. When it’s time for selected event to begin, they’ll join the call to take their virtual front row seat!

Audience size is completely up to you! One-to-one consultations or invite the masses to join the conversation. Creating a meaningful experience for your community means personalization that scales to your use case – whether that is a group of four or four thousand.

Get The Plugin + Start Spending Quality Time with Your Community