Turning Customer Engagement Strategies Inward

originally published on GIVITAS 

Let’s talk employee retention and engagement. Millennial and Gen Z consumers are peeling back the labels on goods and services to understand what a brand’s culture and values are all about.

Your culture is your brand”, according to Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, and your profits reflect the satisfaction of your employees. If conversion is driven by internal culture’s alignment to customer values, then shouldn’t we treat our employees with the same enthusiasm for personalized engagement as we treat our consumers?

Big digital engagement trends your marketing and creative teams are well-aware of include influencer, video, and voice, as well as highly collaborative experiences. U.S. consumers already spend three and a half hours per day on their smartphones, and video is everything (82% of consumer internet traffic by 2021 according to Cisco). This means snack-sized value-add interactions are key to disseminating information, and you should start getting comfortable on camera.

A priority in your retention strategy should be to improve engagement to foster a collaborative work environment. Employees — even those who aren’t Millennials or Gen Z — are used to having social digital experiences, shared-knowledge, and exposure experts all over of the world. Static workplace wikis and FAQs feel archaic and inefficient, when interaction and access to people flows more easily elsewhere. It’s important to give teams an intuitive avenue for collaborating and supporting each other through professional tasks and challenges.

In addition to collaborative tools and digital forums, think about capturing employee attention through a few of the 150 digital “Micro-moments” they’re having every day. You’ll infuse their work time with precise information that could help team members complete tasks or adopt desired behaviors on their terms. Timely value-add video or voice moments could be just the support your teams need.

Targeting and strict guiding principles are key in developing digital content. Who will deliver these proverbial taste bites? Identify internal influencers and business unit managers to weigh in on the conversation. When I was a consultant, we called these folks change agents, champions or super users. We also rarely gave them anything fun to do other than have extra accountability for their peers’ successful adoption of new tools or processes. This is where forums on the Givitas platform are helpful in identifying your hyper-engaged team members, who are likely looking for opportunities to help others at scale.

The average viewer is expected to watch 36 min of online video per day on mobile. Your executive team and peer influencers should be kicking off that time with 3-5 minute coffee chats or breaking it up in the afternoon with a brain teaser.

88% of marketers deployed video campaigns containing interactive elements such as links, buttons, quizzes and forms in 2018. According to studies, interactive video “can increase conversion rates from 2x to 10x almost immediately”. Engage company and industry thought leaders in brief interactive interviews. Imagine an influencer interviewing your CTO with time for a few questions from the live digital audience – now you’ve got their attention!

Your teams are 3x more likely to watch a video than read a white paper, newsletter, or blog post. Your company puts those articles through extensive editing and fact-checking processes, which take time. Streamline the approval process and break up the content to smaller chunks – who needs what information when? Is it simple? Could it be simpler? Don’t say anything important after the 3 min mark, unless you’re live and taking questions.  Concerned about polish? Invite an expert to get you set up with a popup studio and some tips on internal content strategy.

Don’t forget to measure your success. Billy May, CEO of Sur La Table, said that up to 50% of customers that attended cooking classes bought things in the store after class. What behaviors, actions, or spirit are you selling your team members on?

Turn customer engagement strategies inward and everyone is primed for success.

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