New Live Streaming Tech Gives Fans Behind-the-Scenes Access Like Never Before

The Call List is sure to revolutionize the way you talk to your fans.

Let’s face it: it’s rough out there for artists. The prevalence of free content and virtual goods mean consumers are increasingly hesitant to drop money on music or pay big bucks to attend the theater — but the most dedicated fans have turned to the Internet to connect with their favorite performers in increasingly intimate and exclusive ways.

Now, with apps like The Call List, all sorts of performers are inventing new ways to leverage their online followings in order to further engage their fans. Here’s how our monetized live-streaming platform can help you make ends meet:

Extra Wiggle Room for Touring Musicians

Although many bands and solo artists are making the lion’s share of their income through touring, no tour has infinite stops, so you can’t always reach the full extent of your fanbase while on the road. After all, some fans live in completely inaccessible locations to reach by touring (think rural Alaska inaccessible), which means you’ll need to find a new way to get them the access they crave.

Luckily, The Call List allows you to reach fans across the globe with just the touch of a button. By setting up exclusive, paid live-streaming events, you can expand your reach to enthusiasts who can’t come out for the live performance in person, or give an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek for those diehard super-fans.

Jamming on the tour bus? Live-stream your jams as a paid event and earn some extra cash for that! Hosting an afterparty? Let fans request songs or simply join in on the fun with an interactive video call. Gigs are always good, but with The Call List, you’ll gain the potential to turn even a sound check into an exclusive, money-making fan experience.

Offstage Access to Comedians, Actors, and More

Of course, musicians aren’t the only ones who have to tour. Actors, comedians, and other on-stage personalities often find themselves traveling for work, but rarely have the opportunity to get to know their audience.

Let’s say, for example, you’re part of a cast touring with a must-see musical. Although you may be performing for sold out theaters every night, your fans don’t necessarily get a chance to get to know you when you’re out-of-character. By creating a channel on The Call List, you could invite these fans to events where they can see exclusive behind-the-scenes content — and it’s totally up to you what they get to see! You can schedule a Q&A with fans where you talk about your role, your career, or even just your favorite musicals. No matter how you choose to use the platform, or how large or small your following might be, The Call List provides a great way to supplement your income while connecting you with the people who truly care about your work.

Plus, with The Call List, you can connect as easily on-the-go as you can from the comfort of your own home. It can be as easy as rolling out of bed and live streaming your morning routine — who doesn’t want to make a few bucks over their morning cup of coffee?

So, what are you waiting for? Create a host account today, and talk to hundreds of fans tomorrow.