How Artists Can Monetize Their Creative Work More Effectively In the Digital Age

The starving artist is an age-old trope, but new monetization strategies can help painters, producers, and other career creators make a living from their work.

Most artists have dreams of making a living off of their art, but for the vast majority of creators, there is no singular revenue source that can pay the bills. Sure, YouTube and Twitch’s new ‘creative’ categories are great ways to build an audience, but the less-than-stellar returns on advertisements make it difficult to reach maximum earning potential on these platforms. That’s why so many creators are now on the lookout for reliable sources of income.

Mobilizing Your Audience

If you have built your audience through your work, it’s probably safe to assume that many of your fans follow you because you inspire them. You possess the expertise that your fan base craves — why not teach your fans the tricks of your trade and generate an income while you’re at it?

Innovative content monetization and fan engagement platforms have given artists a new way to pay their bills. On Patreon, for instance, creators can produce exclusive content or offer sneak peeks for future work — then, fans choose to subscribe to a rewards tier in order to gain access to that exclusive content, all while supporting the art that they love. The goals of platforms like these are twofold: to provide a profound level of engagement with your most diehard fans, as well as a sustainable revenue source.

Here’s the reality: you have an audience who cares about what you create, and you want to find ways to keep creating art for a living. The Call List aims to make these goals even more attainable than ever before.

How The Call List Works

The Call List is an interactive live-streaming platform that allows creators to host special livestreamed events and sell exclusive access to these calls. You’ll be able to see each member of your audience for the duration of the event, and even take questions from the fans who choose to attend.

Say, for instance, you’re a lifelong painting enthusiast. A few years ago, you decided to create a series of timelapse videos to show how you take a blank piece of canvas and turn it into the next Mona Lisa. With a modest following on YouTube, your videos are starting to yield some level of return from YouTube’s ad-based revenue stream, but it’s still coming up a bit short. The question then becomes, “How can I mobilize my audience and earn additional revenue?”

It’s simple. You can sign up to become a host on The Call List and create your first live event. To get started, you only need to ask yourself one simple question: “What would my audience want to see from me that they can’t already see on my YouTube channel?”

Alternatively, musicians could offer fans behind-the-scenes access during a studio session. Some people really do want to see know how the sausage is made. Here’s what you could do with The Call List to start generating revenue tomorrow.

  • You can set up an event to talk through your studio setup, set the ticket price for the event, and put a limit on how many people can attend.
  • After that, make a short video announcing the event on your YouTube channel, and put a link for sign-ups to the event in the description, or send an email invitation to your most dedicated fans so that they can get the exclusive access they signed up for.
  • During the event, give your fans a tour of the studio, explain what equipment you use, and answer questions in real time.
  • No matter what type of event you choose to create, your goal will be to drive engagement with your most dedicated fans.

What’s Stopping You?

You’ve put in the time to develop your unique talent and build an audience who recognizes it. Why not do everything you can to create a new and rewarding revenue stream?

As the old saying goes, “an artist is only appreciated after she dies.” While the saying may ring true for artists from the past, the internet has created a unique opportunity for artists to reap the benefits of their work without the inconvenience of the grave.

We don’t live in those days now and modern society has never recognized and rewarded individual creativity as much as it does now. Whether you sew, paint, make films, or produce music, now there’s an easier way for you to find an audience on the internet — and generate real, sustainable income off of your work.

If you’re ready to get started on your path to making money from social media, claim your 15 minutes of fame now and create a channel on The Call List app.