How The Call List Transforms the Master Class Experience

Master the art of the master class with our cutting-edge livestreaming platform.

Imagine an app that empowers you to connect directly with your remote students and make money at the same time. With The Call List, educators, performers, experts and more have the power of our user-friendly platform giving them a direct video call line with fans around the globe.

What Makes The Call List Unique?

Educators are always striving to make special exceptions to gifted and struggling students through one-to-one interactions. Online, that can be a fairly complicated process to set up, and involves sharing private contact details. This is an imperfect and cumbersome solution that muddies the lines of accountability between teacher and pupil.

The Call List solves this with problem a privacy-positive solution. No contact details are shared, but your calendars are synced. It’s a perfect way to set your own hours and encourage your best students, but still set limits on your availability: think of it like virtual “office hours.”

As a video streaming service, there are plenty of other ways in which The Call List stands out as a crucial part of every online educator’s toolset.

Our platform offers a totally live interactive experience in a way Google Hangouts and Cisco can’t. Users who sign up for your master class will be getting exactly what they paid for — direct access to you. No ads, text comments, or other interruptions.

What does that mean for hosts? Because we are creating a live classroom — hosts see their entire digital audience streamed back to them on their screen — this creates a collective energy, allowing participants to genuinely interact with the host they’re tuning in to see. We support up to a thousand audience members on each call, allowing hosts to expand their fan base from the comfort of their home, hotel room, or even their tour bus.

The Call List isn’t just a free-for-all — it’s a facilitator’s tool. With that in mind, we’ve built in the digital hand-raise feature, which provides an organized system of host-participant interaction.

Thanks to our user-friendly interface, hosts can easily choose which participants are muted and which aren’t, while still speaking to the entire audience. Although the audience members can’t see each other, they can hear any questions that are asked, allowing for a communal experience.

When you schedule a video call for your fans, it will easily sync to your calendar and theirs, and it will send a push notification at the start of the event. With The Call List, there is no need for anyone to set reminders or make notes in little black books.

But the best part? The Call List exclusively uses smartphone-based video. That way, no matter where your audience is, on the road or at their desks, they’re ready to take your call.

Live Interactions Make A Bigger Difference

In an increasingly wireless world, the internet provides a convenient space for busy people to broaden their horizons. Armed with that knowledge, a variety of platforms have popped up to help experts become teachers and trainers reach a wider online audience. These platforms provide a wonderful resource for classroom-style learning, but usually these tools work in only one direction. The teacher talks to the students, and the students can’t easily respond.

However, the best classes encourage interaction between students and teachers. Live engagement and discussion are a more effective learning style for mastering any new skill, and for that reason live classroom environments create much more memorable lessons for masters and and apprentices alike.

As podcasting and live streaming veteran Luria Petrucci told us, “Live video is one of the best and most effective tools news organizations can use to engage with their audiences and make them feel more invested in the brand.” The use of popular mediums may make or break a publisher’s ability to thrive in an online environment. Petrucci claims that the sense of involvement users glean from streaming platforms is what makes them so powerful. “When you make [your audience] a part of your story, you win. Because you tell them you care.”

Your Professional Knowledge at Their Fingertips

Say, for example, you’re interested in hosting a cooking class. Instead of dicing garlic for a small local audience each week, you can create a recurring event on The Call List, which will allow you to share your expertise and host a discussion with one to one thousand fans from anywhere around the world. That local event can now become a global event.

Alternatively, perhaps you’re a motivational speaker who wants to give a presentation on stage fright, and you know your audience tends to be introverts. Hosting a pre-show virtual event on The Call List will enable you to break the ice before they meet you in person — or, it will give them the unique experience of participating in your seminar from the comfort of their own home.

That way, even the most nervous participant might pluck up the courage to ask a question and practice a little public speaking of their own.

If you’re ready to get started on your path to making money from social media, claim your 15 minutes of fame now and create a channel on The Call List app.