Enhanced Live Streaming Platforms Enable a New Age of Engagement

When it comes to building an online audience, engagement is key. New platforms enable content creators to interact with their fans in real time.

The internet has ushered in the era of the content creator. With a camera, talent, and the gumption to put yourself out there for the entire internet to be your judge, anyone can find their own niche following.

The Connective Power of Online Platforms

The most successful online personalities understand active engagement with their following is key — and the largest online content creation platforms go to great lengths to encourage those interactions. For example, check out these tips from YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook:

  • According to YouTube’s creator academy, “interacting with your audience is a key step toward developing a loyal community who can help promote your content.”
  • When online game streaming service Twitch considers applications for partners, they say, “our ideal Partner candidates engage their audience, produce amazing content, and find ways to stand out from the crowd.”
  • Social media giant, Facebook recently launched Facebook Live as “a fun, powerful way to connect with your followers and create new ones along the way.”

Free from the restraints of a corporate broadband network, film studio, or other managing institution, online creators produce content with untethered style and reap a significant financial reward for building a dedicated audience.

Monetizing Fan Engagement

When it comes to online platforms like YouTube, a relatively modest audience size can turn into a full-time career — even if you spend 40 hours per week creating content, the revenue from on-site ads might not be enough to pay rent. If your fans want more content, and you want to create it for them, there is an alternate path forward.

Since demand from fans to engage with their favorite content creators keeps increasing, many new platforms have sprung up to offer exclusive engagement and monetization opportunities.

For instance, Patreon allows fans to pay a monthly fee in order to get early access to exclusive content, participate in Google Hangout sessions with creators, and even earn a level of creative control by asking questions or making suggestions for future content. For Patreon creators, the key to fan engagement is (exclusive) access — and providing that access helps to pay the bills with a reliable source of income.

Many of Patreon’s content creators already have sizeable followings on YouTube or content sharing sites, meaning that Patreon serves as a venue for the most dedicated fans to become more involved with their favorite creators. The skill creators must learn is how to effectively promote these alternative venues to share exclusive fan experiences through their main channels.

The Call List brings this power of fans’ direct access to another level: our streaming platform gives content creators the ability to extend the reach with exclusive interviews, tutorials, and performances to a visible audience. Creators on The Call List (we call them “hosts”) can invite fans to special online events and interact with them in real-time.

This heightened level of interaction not only provides a unique way to monetize content, but also provides fans with meaningful experiences that translate to more engagement with content on other platforms. Because continued engagement and personalized content is vital to any content creator’s success, unique platforms like The Call List allow you to widen your reach and deepen established connections with your audience.

For example, a YouTuber who creates makeup tutorials could invite their subscribers to an exclusive live “look” application session, where audience members have a chance to show the artist their skills and ask questions in real time. During the event, the host sees every participant, and is able to unmute audience members with questions to be heard by the entire group. The artist is able to adjust their future content based on what their most dedicated pupils bring to light during their event.

Participants can digitally “raise their hands”, signaling to the host they’d like to be unmuted — when they’re unmuted, participants ask questions or make requests of the host. This goes above and beyond your ability to engage with subscribers on YouTube, where you can only respond to comments or create response videos.

While television celebrities might have taken a more traditional path to fame, internet stars have access to a bevy of innovative platforms. No matter which path you choose, content creators must remember to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed: the ability to build an audience, the ability to engage with fans, and the freedom to create content your way.

If you’re ready to get started on your path to making money from selling interactive access, claim your 15 minutes of fame now and create a channel on The Call List app.