Video Call your Entire Audience at Once

What Is The Call List?

We facilitate real-time, face-to-face conversations between our hosts and their audiences across the globe.

What Is The Call List?

The Call List™ is the first-ever video participation platform for hire. As a host, you can expand your content offering or raise funds by providing participants the chance to interact with creators and experts directly from their smartphone or tablet.

How Does it Work?

Hosts’ events are posted directly to The Call List™ iPhone app. Users browse channels of interest and opt-in to the events of their choice. When the event starts, the audience answers the call and is instantly face-to-face (1:1) with the host, who views his or her collective audience on a larger screen.

What About Pricing?

The Call List™ iPhone app is free to download. Hosts purchase minutes on the platform and set the price for app users participating in their event — decide whether to monetize your event or offer users free, exclusive access to premium content.

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